TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2020, 1:00 PM Agenda

Beth Klein Attorney Klein Frank, Gina Stryker Gina Cucina, and Sierra Aldrich Yampa High

THIRD STREET CENTER, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO

  1. Call to Order – Introductions
  • Sopris 100 – Presentation of check (1:10)
  • Call for board members (1:15)
    • Maggie Zamora
    • Lee Damuth
    • Rachel Kappler, MPH, BSN
    • Vote on appointments
  • Education (1:25)
    • BATT en español – Maggie Zamora
    • Middle School Outreach – Maya Elias (1:55)
    • School-age Education update – Gina Stryker (2:05)
    • POP report – Sierra Aldrich (2:15)
    • Healthcare education update –
  • Community Outreach (2:25)
    • Fashion Show – Gina Stryker
    • Community Safety Fair – Jennifer McPherson
    • Swag update – Rachel Kappler
    • BATT Radio – Beth Klein
    • Crafty BATTs – Gina Stryker & Beth Klein
    • BATT Promotion & Website en español – Beth Klein
    • Strawberry Days, Mountain Fair, Rally the Valley, Cirque du Sopris, Potato Days, Homecoming/Prom, Garfield County Fair, RFTA Bus ads, APR non-profit of the month, Night Out, Grand Valley Days
  • Legal Updates (2:40)
    • Legislative Protocol – Beth
    • Federal 501(c) application – call for assistance


Regular Meeting Agenda – 1/28/20

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, from 1 – 3 pm at the Third Street Center located at 520 S 3rd St in Carbondale, CO. Here is our agenda:

  1. Call to Order – Introductions
  2. I Am Little Red (1:15 – 1:35)
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. POP report
  5. Summit report
  6. Strategic Planning (1:50 – 2:45)
    • Request for Board Member nominations
    • Volunteer requests
    • Report on the upcoming teacher, healthcare provider and Spanish speaker trainings (2:00 – 2:25)
    • New Business – Bill Sponsorship (2:25 – 2:45)
  7. Hats for BATT sales
  8. Adjurn

Job Opening!

Good morning!

The State of Colorado is looking for a contract employee that would be able to do 101 training and education in the NW quadrant of Colorado. The grant expires Sept 30, 2021 so a student that could use the income or an agency that would be able to give this to a staff member, etc. would work great.

If you are or know of someone that could become THE anti-trafficking trainer for NW Colorado, please call me. This is a paid gig!

How great is this?


The Yampa Mountain High School Piece of Peace Leadership Team (POP) presented at the general meeting of BATT. The students have chosen a generosity project to help kids on the street in our community. They students have declared that by November 20, 2019, they will distribute 200 backpacks filled with life necessities, kindness messages, and help and outreach information to kids who are without homes.

The POP students had a variety of projects to practice their leadership skills. They chose generosity. More information on how to partner with our YOUNG LEADERS to follow soon.